Are Background Checks Worth the Cost?

This is a question I get a lot. Are background checks expensive? My answer is always the same: not as expensive as not getting a background check can be. Vetting out potential problem employees prior to handing over the keys is an art form for talented Human Resources managers. Background screening is an important tool in the hiring process.
Our Safe Hire Package, for example costs less than fifty dollars per person. You will get some very good insight into the candidate’s background. That information may be enough to make an informed decision. If that decision is not to hire the job candidate based on that information, you simply send out the necessary adverse action letters. That $50 may very well save your company hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars of future damage that a rogue employee could potentially cause. You say, millions? How? That is often the amount civil suits are settled for when proper due diligence is not completed prior to hiring someone with a rap sheet who is hired and later does damage in one form or another. Sure it’s fifty dollars the company could have saved. But is it worth the risk?
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