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Are Background Checks Worth the Cost?

This is a question I get a lot. Are background checks expensive? My answer is always the same: not as expensive as not getting a background check can be. Vetting out potential problem employees prior to handing over the keys …
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Improper Use Of Background Checks Can Cost Millions

Criminal background checks can be an important resource for companies in evaluating candidates for employment. Background checks can assist employers in safeguarding their businesses, current employees and customers, while also limiting exposure to liability for negligent hiring. However, there is …
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Wow: Study Shows CEOs Get Less Background Screening

This one may stop you in your psychic tracks. According to Human Resources executives, many CEOs go through less background screening than does the average college graduate. When one considers the vast amount of power CEOs wield and the long-term …
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Don’t Risk it With “Instant” Background Checks

Many websites provide so-called “online instant background checks.” For some employers, this seems like a good proposition. After all, critical positions need to be filled fast, and if applicants perform extremely well in interviews, a recruiter will want to make …
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