Employment Background Screening

Background checks on employees have become one of the most important tools available for companies searching for the right candidates in 2020. Nothing can derail the hiring process quicker than realizing that one of your preferred candidates has a criminal record. As frustrating as this scenario can be, it is much better to learn about the applicant’s history before you invest time and money into the individual.

Negligent Hiring Lawsuits

What’s more, negligent hiring lawsuits are on the rise. Hiring a new employee without doing your due diligence can create problems on multiple fronts. This can even include problems employers haven’t even considered. If a rogue employee does damage that affects other people, your company could be sued like other companies already have.

Running a comprehensive background check prior to hiring that person is a good first step in your defense should your company ever be named in a negligent hiring lawsuit. Without a documented background check on file, how do you prove you did your homework? It’s highly recommended to run background checks on employees for all industries served.

Background Checks on Employees Can Reduce Employee Theft

Employee theft is the cause for nearly one third of all business failures. Theft can include money, supplies, intellectual property, or any number of other tangible or non-tangibles. Imagine the nightmare scenario of having your valuable trade secrets in the hands of a primary competitor. Pre-employment background checks can help weed out the potential problem employees before you hire them.

Many of our clients include an employment history background check as part of our Level Two screening package that we like to call our Safe Hiring package. It can take a lot of your valuable time calling previous employers to verify candidate’s prior work history. However, this is a necessary part of doing your due diligence. It is especially important for higher level positions. Let us take care of these time consuming yet vital verifications for you.

Education Verifications

Education background checks are part of our Level 2 screening package for pre-employment background checks. We are happy to take some of the busy work off your plate. We have trained personnel who will make these phone calls to verify the educational background of your job candidates. You simply can not trust the accuracy of resumes today. Some estimates show up to fifty per cent of resumes have misleading or embellished information. To be sure, you should run a background check on prior employment history for all job candidates before you extend an offer of employment.

Background check services for employers are no longer optional. Hiring the right candidates without a comprehensive background check is like throwing darts in the dark. Yes, you might hit your target, but you could also damage something valuable in the process. Why take that chance? Let United Background Checks (UBC) help protect your company.

At UBC, we have dozens of background searches available. We create custom made packages that can suit your company’s specific needs. What we also do for our clients is help them stay in compliance with FCRA laws.

Here are just some of the services available:

  • Nationwide Criminal Database Search
  • Credit Reports
  • Statewide Criminal Reports
  • Previous Employer Verifications
  • Professional License Verifications
  • Tenant Eviction Database Searches
  • Social Security Trace Reports
  • Motor Vehicle Reports
  • CDL Verifications
  • PSP Reports
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Reports
  • County Criminal Reports
  • MedClear Pro Healthcare Searches
  • International Searches
  • Education Verifications
  • Drug Screening Services
  • And much more…

United Background Checks also offers several pre-packaged services such as:

UBC Safe Hire Screening Package

Includes Social Security Trace Report, Nationwide & County Criminal, Previous Employer, and Professional Reference Verification.

Running our Safe Hire screens will give you the information you need to make an informed decision on your job candidates.

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