Don’t Risk it With “Instant” Background Checks

Many websites provide so-called “online instant background checks.” For some employers, this seems like a good proposition.

After all, critical positions need to be filled fast, and if applicants perform extremely well in interviews, a recruiter will want to make a decision promptly. In such scenarios, conducting online instant background checks seems the best idea.
However, their perceived advantages notwithstanding, online instant background checks are a bad idea. In fact, they are basically a ticking legal time-bomb. They can easily backfire, and leave an organization in a multitude of legal problems.


Here is a summary of the main reasons why the online “instant” background checks are not a great idea.
Adverse records are not vetted for accuracy
They use limited sources of information
They may return incomplete records
They often return erroneous background information
They lead to hasty hiring decisions
They can open up an organization to lawsuits
What should a company do to protect itself? It all starts with a comprehensive background check that may not necessarily be “instant.” Partner with United Background Checks and start protecting your company. CLICK HERE for a free quote.

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