Wow: Study Shows CEOs Get Less Background Screening

This one may stop you in your psychic tracks. According to Human Resources executives, many CEOs go through less background screening than does the average college graduate.

When one considers the vast amount of power CEOs wield and the long-term impact they invariably have on their organizations, and compare it to the organizational impact of the average entry-level college graduate, the only reaction I could initially muster to this news was a simple visceral one: Good grief, Charlie Brown.

Full disclosure: The survey on which these findings are based was done in the UK, not the U.S. So it’s possible there are some national differences here. But I’d also say it’s reasonable to assume results are at least somewhat projectable, and probably quite projectable.

The survey, The Untouchables: Protecting Your Organisation from Leadership Risk, was released last week by HireRight, a UK firm specializing in employment-related screening. The survey was based on detailed interviews with 140 senior HR leaders in UK companies with over 5,000 employees.

The study’s key findings:

– Almost half (45%) of HR leaders know organizations where chief executives go through fewer interviews and tests than graduates; 37% admit this is the case in their own company.

– Almost two-thirds (66%) of businesses do not consistently verify backgrounds of new members of their C-suite.

– Roughly one in three (31%) CEOs do not undergo any form of due diligence during their appointment.
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