Monthly Archives: January 2020

Improper Use Of Background Checks Can Cost Millions

Background checks on employees can be an important resource for companies in evaluating candidates for employment. Background reports can assist employers in safeguarding their businesses, current employees and customers, while also limiting exposure to liability for negligent hiring. But improper …
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Three Reasons You Should Do Background Checks

All businesses should be doing pre-employment background checks. As a matter of fact, some industries are required by law to do so. For all the rest, here are three compelling reasons for running background screens. 1. Falsified Job Applications: According …
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Background Checks on Tenants in 2020

Background checks on tenants in 2020 with United Background Checks is fast, easy and affordable. We serve many employment industries as well as property managers. United Background Checks offers a comprehensive tenant screening package for landlords. Our Safe Tenant Screening …
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