Background Checks on Tenants in 2020

Background checks on tenants in 2020 with United Background Checks is fast, easy and affordable. We serve many employment industries as well as property managers.

United Background Checks offers a comprehensive tenant screening package for landlords. Our Safe Tenant Screening package is used by large businesses as well as single property owners.

Don’t risk renting out your investment without getting a complete and accurate look at your prospective tenants. One bad tenant can cost you thousands of dollars in damaged property and missed rent payments. You need to know your applicant before handing over the keys to your property.

Background checks on tenants should include at the minimum a criminal report, a database search for evictions, and a reference check. You can also choose to check present employment as well as past employers.

In addition, our reports are fast, affordable, and most importantly accurate. United Background Checks offers comprehensive background checks on tenants. The Safe Tenant option will tell you what you need to know before handing the tenant a lease to sign.

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Risks With a Bad Tenant

What’s more, as a landlord, your primary goal should be to protect your property investment. This starts with only renting to responsible parties who will:

– Pay their rent on time consistently
– Not move out early and break the lease
– Not damage your valuable property

Safe Tenant Screening

The Safe Tenant Screening package allows you to do just that. Our job is to make your job as a property manager a little easier. Our background screening services allows you to ensure that you rent your rental properties to responsible tenants.

Evictions are no fun. They are very time consuming, unproductive, unprofitable, and stressful. Tenant screening in 2020 is a requirement to reduce your risks. Let us help you to prevent evictions so you can save time and money.

We Can Help With Background Checks on Tenants

Give us a call at 1-844-621-7296 or fill out our free QUOTE FORM and we will reply within 24 hours. Remember at United Background Checks, we check everything so you can rest easy knowing you probably have a good tenant for the life of the lease.

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