Three Reasons You Should Do Background Checks

All businesses should be doing pre-employment background checks. As a matter of fact, some industries are required by law to do so. For all the rest, here are three compelling reasons for running background screens.

1. Falsified Job Applications: According to the Society of Human Resources Management, 53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information. That means that over half of the job applications are falsified. This is a frightening statistic for companies. You need to know who you are hiring.

2. Workplace Violence: The Society of Human Resources Management in 2009 reported that FBI Studies estimate nearly 355,000 businesses will experience a workplace violence episode in any given year. The U.S Bureau of Labor reported that 13% of the 5,840 workplace fatalities that happened in 2006 were the result of assaults and violent acts. Not only was there violence in the workplace, but fatalities occurred.

3. Employee Theft: The American Management Association and US Chamber of Commerce released this startling statistic. Of all businesses that failed, 30% was the result of employee theft. That’s nearly one out of every three business failures that was caused by employee theft.

For more reasons companies should do background screening read our recent contribution called Why Background Checks. Central among the reasons is the trust issue. Who are you going to trust? It provides even more support for the process.

Pre-employment background checks can not eliminate these problems. Nothing can. However, hiring a company like United Background Checks to provide you with capability of doing your own background checks is the first line of defense. Falsified job applications, workplace violence, and employee theft will likely continue. But running background screens can dramatically reduce how often it happens to your company.

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