Cold Hard Facts

The fact that background screening is necessary is no longer in question. Not acquiring important background information on your job applicants or potential tenants is asking for trouble. If you are still unsure if spending a few dollars upfront is worth the added expense, then consider these cold hard facts.

  • The United States Chamber of Commerce states that nearly one out of every three business that fail are the result of employee theft.
  • According to the Society of Human Resources Management, nearly half of all job application forms contain falsified information.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that nearly one third of job applications consisted of lies regarding education and experience.
  • The FBI estimates there will be over 350,000 companies that will endure a workplace violence incident this year.
  • The US Chamber of Commerce also reports that nearly three out of four employees steal something at least one time.
  • Human Resources Management recently reported that employers lose most negligent hiring lawsuits and the average settlement is almost one million dollars.

These statistics are startling but true. Although running a background check can’t guarantee anything, they do put the odds in your favor. Spend a few dollars upfront and save yourself a fortune down the road. Let United Background Checks help protect your company. Get started today by completing our short “Quote Request” form here.


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