Drug Screening

Take control of your company’s hiring process with our convenient drug testing program called eScreen!

When you find that perfect job candidate and want to extend a job offer, you need to know ASAP that he or she has passed their drug test. You can’t afford to wait for days to get the results. By then, your competition may have already locked them up.

Let eScreen with United Background Checks speed up the process for you. Time is crucial. You need a drug screening program that is fast, affordable, and convenient.

How about a program with less paperwork?

Simple and automated instructions to the job applicant!
But also a simple tracking system of where the applicant is in the testing steps.

eScreen with United Background Checks delivers it all.

eScreen delivers negative test results to you within an amazing fifteen minutes. Positive test results take longer to verify. However, negative results will be available virtually instantly. You can pick up the phone, call your candidate, and extend an offer of employment long before the competition can.

Five panel drug screening tests for Marijuana, Cocaine, Amphetamines, PCP and Opiates.

Lab confirmation can be included if needed.

All ordering completed within your background screening platform with us.

Invite candidates by convenient email invitation.

Many convenient collection sites are available nationwide.

The best part: Receive all results on your background screening report.

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