Why Not Run Background Checks on Officials?

Whenever I hear someone involved with our youth complain about background checks, I have to wonder why. Anyone that works around children should be thoroughly checked before getting access. Volunteers, coaches, and even officials. There is now a bill moving …
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Big Changes For the Background Screening Industry?

Now that 2016 is here, one thing seems certain. There are going to be changes in the background screening industry. But that could be said for every year, or so it seems. What’s this year’s hot topic? It appears to …
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Here are the Top Background Checks Trends

One of the main objectives for our Industry News blog is to bring you the most pertinent information regarding the ever changing background screening industry. In line with that objective, I feel it necessary to pass on a fellow provider’s …
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Banks and Background Screening

It’s all about trust. When a new employee is hired, the employer is placing a certain amount of trust in that person. Trust that that person will perform their job responsibilities of course. But also trust that they will protect …
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Another Reason to Work With a Full Service Background Screening Company

Whatever background screening company you work with, make sure you are receiving accurate results. Do not simply assume that the reports are accurate without having a conversation with your representative. If you don’t have a representative, maybe it’s time to …
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New York City Passes New Law Limiting Background Checks

Companies in New York City will need to re-evaluate their employment screening processes following the passage of two laws in what is titled the Fair Chance Act, also referred to as the Ban the Box Law. The new laws severely …
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